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How do you ask the time in French?

How to tell the time in French ?. When you travel to France or when you talk to french people, asking time is one of qustion that often we will be asked. Do you know, how to express time in French ?.

Surely, learning about telling time in French is essential. So you have to know how to ask the time and express it also in french.

Here are some ways to ask the time in french :
  • What time is it ? = Quelle heure est-il ? (formal)
  • What time is it ? = Il est quelle heure ? (informal)
  • Would you tell me the time, please ? = Auriez-vous l’heure, s’il vous plaît ? (more polite)

Another expression time that you might be to know

  • Est-ce que vous avez l’heure, s’il vous plaît ? = Do you have the time please ?
  • À quelle heure est le concert ? = What time is the concert ?

After we know how to ask the time in french, next we will how to express the time. The standard time that we use is the 24-Hour Clock. It is not the standard time that refers to a.m and p.m. However, if we use the standard a.m and p.m, the mention of the time is not very significant: it is enough to just affix the time, morning, afternoon and evening such as:
  • 07:00 a.m : Il est 7 heures du matin
  • 03:00 p.m : Il est trois heures de l'après midi
  • 06:00 p.m : Il est six heures du soir
  • 06:00 a.m : Il est six heures du matin

The following table are examples of French expressions related to time in the 24-Hour Clock:
English French
What Time is it? Quelle heure est-il ?
It's 13:27 pm Il est 13 heures 27
It's 07:00 am Il est 7 heures
It's 01:00 am Il est une heure
It's 02:00 am Il est deux heures
It's 10:15 am Il est dix heures et quart
It's 13:00 pm Il est 13 heures or
Il est une heure de l'après midi
It's 14:30 pm Il est quartoze trente
it's midnight (12:00 a.m) Il est minuit
It's 07:15 am Il est 7 heures et quart
It's noon (12:00 p.m) Il est midi
It's 07:45 am Il est 8 heures moins le quart or
Il est 7 heures 45
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