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Introducting Yourself and Others in French

Today, our french course  will learn how to introduce yourself and others in french.

When you learn new language, of course you will learn how to meet, greet and acquaint yourself with other people. French is no exception.

In interactions with others, especially with new environments, we often start the opening sentence by introducing ourselves or sometimes introduce someone to others.

In french we call "Se présenter ou quelqu'un" for introducting yourself and others. Here are examples of  "se presenter ou quelqu'un" :

English French
Hello, My name is Peter Bonjour, je m'appelle Peter
I am: Peter Je me présente: Peter.
I’d like to introduce my wife, Rianti Je vous présente Rianti, ma femme
This is Rianti, my wife. Voici Rianti, mon épouse.
He introduces his wife to his friends Il présente sa femme à ses amis
My date of birth is March 15, 1983 Ma date de naissance, c’est le 15 mars 1983
She introduces her husband to their Elle leur présente son mari
I am an English teacher Je suis professeur d'anglais
I am still single Je suis encore célibataire
I am algerian Je suis d’origine algérienne
I am from the U.S Je suis des États-Unis
I'm 40 years old J’ai 40 ans
I live in Vannes J'habite à Vannes
It is a pleasure to meet you C’est un plaisir de vous rencontrer
Nice to meet you Enchanté de faire votre connaissance
What’s up ? Quoi de neuf ?
See you soon! À tout à l’heure !
My mother's name is Linda Ma mère s'appelle Linda
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