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Asking Length,Height and Weight measurement in French

Our French tutorial at this moment, we'll discuss all issues related to length, weight and height in french, such as: asking or expressing a person's height, asking or stating cabinet height, asking or expressing the weight of someone and so forth.

One thing that we have to know that French has a comma where English has a decimal point in length measurements.

For example :
English French
1 Inch = 2.54 Centimetre 1 Pouce = 2,54 Centimètre
1 Foot = 30.48 Centimetre 1 Pied = 30,48 Centimètre
1 Yard = 91.44 Centimetre 1 Yard = 91,44 Centimètre

Examples Sentences that state Length

French English
Quelle est la longueur de la corde How long is the rope
Elle fait neuf mètres It's nine metres long
La longueur de la baie est d'environ 200 milles The length of the bay is approximately 200 miles

Examples Sentences that state Height

The table below are examples that express height for people:
French English
Combien mesure-t-il ? How tall is he ?
Il mesure un mètre soixante-dix He is 1.7 meters tall
John est plus grand que Ryan John is taller than Ryan

After we see how to express height for people, we continue with height for things. If we want to inquire high for an object such as tower height, building height, cabinet height, then the vocabulary used is: hauter. Look at the table below :
French English
Quelle est la hauteur de la Tour Eiffel ? What is the height of the Eiffel Tower ?
Elle fait 324 mètres de haut It's 324 metres high
Quelle est la plus haute tour du monde ? What is the highest tower in the world?
Le bâtiment A est plus haut que le bâtiment B The building A is higher that building B

Examples Sentences that state Weight

French English
Combien pesez-vous ? How much do you weigh ?
Je pèse 65 kg I weigh 65 kg
Je fais 60 kg I weigh 60 kg
Combien pèse le colis What does the parcel weigh ?
Quel objet est le plus lourd ? Which object is the heaviest ?
Une table est le plus lourd qu'une montre A table is more heavy than a watch
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